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Skinnie Entertainment Magazine - December 2007
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Skinnie Entertainment Magazine :: December 2007 "Best of Skinnie": Straig From Our Secret Archives  BEST OF 2007: The Places And Things You Liked The Most This Year  Jes Rickleff - Every Rose Has Its Thorn  Gifts Galore: Gadgets and More!

Skinnie Entertainment Magazine :: December 2007
"Best of Skinnie": Straight From Our Secret Archives

BEST OF 2007: The Places And Things You Liked The Most This Year

Jes Rickleff - Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Gifts Galore: Gadgets and More!


Skinnie Magazine's Official Interview with Rock Of Love's Jes Rickleff
Love Rocker :: Jes Rickleff

How has your life changed since “Rock of Love”?
It has changed quite dramatically. One random Sunday I’m pretty much Jes, then all of a sudden every-one knows me. I’ll be honest, it can get a bit overwhelm ing just with people coming up to you, picture taking, autographs, traveling all the time, stuff like that but it’s changed for the better.

I heard you were “recruited” to be on the show.
Yes! I was actually bartending in down town Chicago and the whole casting team, and directors came up to my bar and said, “You’re perfect for the show. You have to do this!” And at first I was like, no, it’s not my thing, but then I ended up doing it and I ended up here!

So, you weren’t a Poison fan?
No! I had heard of Poison, but had no idea who Bret Michaels was. I didn’t even know a single song Poison wrote. So I was like,“Ok, where do I fit in here? I don’t.

Then did you really want to win?
It’s one of those things where it’s a competition. People are competitive. Like I said from day one when I first went on the show, I had no expectations. Whatever hap-pens, happens. That was my whole attitude throughout the whole thing. But then it being a competition, part of you wants to win just to win. And then part of you just goes with the flow. When you’re kind of like,“Whatever happens, happens,” better things come out of it.

Did the other girls feel the same way?
I can’t speak for all the other girls but I know Heather really fell in love with Bret. From her point of view, her perspective, I think she was really there to find some body. As far as the others, there were girls like Lacey who blatantly admitted she wasn’t there to get with Bret. She was just there for publicity.

Was she possessed by the devil?

Um, I can’t say for sure, but she had her moments where you thought something was wrong! And her father was no better. Maybe that’s how they grew up and how they are with their family and friends, but to me being from the Midwest, that’s not normal.There’s something wrong.

So, do you think Brett was really looking for his Rock of Love?
No, I don’t. And that was my whole point on the reunion show. If he really wanted to get involved and he really wanted to find love and that sort of thing he would have picked Heather but he didn’t because he knew that Heather was the real thing. To me, I find it odd that right after it started airing, Poison went on tour and now he’s coming out with a solo album and now he’s doing Rock of Love Show, Season 2. As much as the girls get shit on, “You weren’t there for the right reasons,” Bret wasn’t there for the right reason and that’s what I tried to prove on the reunion show.

Venture to say, you have not kept in touch with Bret?
No. Not at all. I haven’t talked to him once.

And the other girls?
No. Nobody has even talked to him that I know of. He made it so believable on TV. Heather and I are actually friends now and she says she has not talked to him since the reunion show. Everyone is like, “Are Heather and Bret together?” and I’m like,“No. People are really con fused by it.

It was very gutsy of you to come out and break up with him on the show.
Yeah! It was pretty obvious that he and Heather had a huge connection. At least it seemed so. It was obviously all played up on his part. They did get along, though. He even said on the reunion show,“If we could just have sex and be friends that would be cool,” and I thought they would really be good friends out of it but obviously not a relationship.

Should Bret date women his own age?
Yes. Well, no! I don’t think he should really date women! (laughing) I think he gets along with too many women at the same time. He even said “I’ve never done the dating thing,” and personally I think he’s bad at the dating game. But then again it was his first experience with trying to date people, so…

What was the craziest thing that happened in the house?
When all the girls were having a barbecue outside and Lacey came running out ass naked, Someone threw a drink on her and she had “Real People Don’t Wear Fur” written on her, it was very weird.And then from there it escalated into a raw chicken fight. She went into the shower and someone threw raw chicken at her in the shower, then she put it in our beds. Literally raw chicken was flying everywhere. It was really gross.

Bret parties hard for a diabetic.
Yeah, it kind of baffled me and at the end I think it all kind of caught up with him. At first, not a lot of people knew he was diabetic, unless you’re a diehard Poison fan. But he’s pretty open about it.

So, in spite of his diabetes, all the parts were in good working condition?
Only one girl, Lacey, blatantly admits having sex with him. I can’t speak for any of the other girls. She’s the only one I know 100% that it happened.

So the scenes where you and Heather spend the night with him were a sham?
Editing. It’s all editing. Editing can either work in your favor or not. Heather even had an editing issue, too. Like on the finale show when he asked if he could have both of us and she said yes, she really said no. Editing sucks. It works either for you or against you.

What transpired in the six months between the finale and the reunion show?
Nothing. There was one phone call placed to me and that was his manager actually asking me to mail his cowboy hat back. When we were in Mexico I had a cowboy hat of his and it came back to Chicago with me. I guess he wanted it back so he had his manager call me. I was like,“Ok, I’ll pay for it too.You’re a rockstar millionaire and I have to pay $32.00 shipping and handling. Cool.

So what are YOU looking for in a Rock of Love?

I realized I don’t like the rockstars, at least wouldn’t prefer to date a rockstar! I just want somebody that has attractive features to me. They don’t have to be cute but I have to be physically attracted to them. They have to be smart, funny, have a personality and be able to have a conversation. I like artistic people.

One last question:Will you sign the online petition for Bret to be on Dancing with the Stars?

NITTY GRITTY words by: Kat Galvan photos by: Alex Goykhman

Jes’ party pick:

“The most popular shot in Chicago is SoCo Lime”.
1 oz Southern Comfort. Splash of sweetened lime juice. Combine in a shaker with ice till chilled, then strain into a shot glass and enjoy. Follow by biting the lime.
She is 24 years old (Bret is 44)
Born in Naperville, Illinois.
She has four tattoos.
Jes is also a hair stylist.
Favorite Food – Mexican.

Visit Jes Rickleff at

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Skinnie Magazine's Best Of Full Contact

Skinnie Magazine's "Best of Full Contact"

Kelly Slater - Featured: October ‘06
Considered hands down the best surfer in the world,Kelly Slater is an 8x world champion and broke Tom Curren’s WCT tour victory record of 33 earlier this year. He has also appeared in numerous episodes of Baywatch, been linked to many of the hottest women in the world and actively advocates the preservation of world oceans and temperate reefs in California.

Aderson Silva - Featured: April ‘07
In a short time the lightning quick Muay Thai specialist Anderson Silva has put himself in the forefront of UFC’s Middleweight division, neutralizing any and all threats in two rounds or less. Recently, many MMA web sources have started referring to him as “the best pound for pound fighter in the world,” a distinction that used to belong to previous Welterweight champ Matt Hughes

Ryan Sheckler - Featured: December ‘06
At only 17 years of age, Ryan Sheckler has won the Global Assault tour in
Australia,won several CASL state championships, placed in several events and
has been one of the youngest riders invited to compete at X Games. He’s also
been named the World Cup of Skateboarding’s National Street Champion and
the Dew Action Sports Tour Athlete of the Year. He currently has his own reality
TV show called The Life of Ryan.

Randy Couture - Featured: January ‘05, January ‘06, May ‘07
Widely regarded as a living legend and one of the most genuine personalities in the sport of MMA, Randy Couture is the only fighter in his 40s who can consistently compete with and neutralize the top competitors in the Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. However, his recent controversy in resigning from the UFC has stirred up a lot of questions that many athletes hope will force a change in issues regarding fighters’ contracts.

Travis Pastrana - Featured: September ‘06
Where to start with this young motorsports prodigy? Aside from holding multiple X Games gold medals for multiple disciplines, his biggest claim to fame is pulling off the first ever double back flip at X Games 12, which set in unprecedented standard in X Games and FMX competition. He currently competes in varios Rally Car events.

Jake Brown - Featured: November ‘07
The 45 foot fall that made Jake “Unbreakable” Brown famous galvanized audiences everywhere because of the fact that Brown survived and walked away of his own power, instilling hope and faith in spectators and competitors alike. More to the point, he pulls some of the biggest airs ever, including the X Games silver medal in Big Air, the highest air at Global Assault in Australia and numerous high rankings as “best vert skater.” Add to that the fact that the fall didn’t phase him - he will be back next year.
Jake Brown at

Bam Margera - Featured: April ‘05
Although he doesn’t compete at the higher levels of skateboarding anymore, he is sponsored by Element, Adio and others and has made a name for himself with his big, all-or-nothing tricks and his CKY video series as well as being a member of the Jackass Crew. His larger than life persona, ridiculous pranks and tireless antics have earned him his own reality show as well as international rockstar status without actually being a rockstar.

Brian Deegan - Featured: June ‘04, January ‘07
Easily one of the most decorated and innovative riders in FMX history, Brian Deegan, leader of the Metal Mulisha, has defied death and urvived
some of the worst injuries in the sport and come back to compete at the highest levels. He holds the most X Games accolades at 10 medals, is the only rider to compete in at least one event each year, and has a documentary about his lifestyle, injuries and recovery aptly titled Disposable Hero. It would simply be a disservice to not include Deegan on this list of greats.

Sunny Garcia - Featured: May ‘06
Issues with the IRS notwithstanding, it’s worth noting that Sunny Garcia is a living legend in surfing, who has laid the groundwork for most of today’s elite. He has starred in video games, reality TV and now, is poised make a comeback in the Vans Triple Crown of Surf.

Mike Metzger - Featured: January ‘04 & June ‘06
The “Godfather” is easily one of the most important names in FMX, taking home gold and silver metals in the 2002 and 2003 X Games, acting as a founding member of the Metal Mulisha and most notably, setting a world record while jumping over the fountains of Caesar’s Palace, being the first to pull a back flip while performing the jump as well as setting a new record for distance.

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Skinnie Magazine's Best of Bass And Treble

Skinnie Magazine's "Best of Bass & Treble"

Panic! At The Disco - Featured: February ‘06
Discovered by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco’s debut album would immediately hit platinum status.Taking the already successful indie/pop formula to a new level of songwriting, Panic! seamlessly blended indie, rock, dance, classical and other random styles with well thought out lyrics and clever wordplay.And we gave them their first cover story.

Tiesto - Featured: December ‘05
Considered the #1 DJ in the world in the world DJ rankings, Tiesto been voted “best DJ in the World” three consecutive times by DJ magazine. He is also the official worldwide ambassador for the Dance4Life foundation, which is dedicated to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, for which he recorded the track “Dance4life.”

Killswitch Engaged - Featured: November ‘04 & November ‘06
Armed with incredible musicianship and a slick combination of metal, hardcore and pop, New England’s own KSE is one of the few metal outfits that consistently places in the Billboard Top 200, has been Grammy Nominated and Gold Certified. Easily the most important metal band on the planet right now.

Supernatural - Featured: December ‘05
Supernatural is an MC’s MC. He currently holds the world record for longest freestyle in rap history, surpassing eight hours of straight flowing. He MCs the legendary Rock The Bells festival and is easily one of the sickest living freestylers today. Although known more for live freestyle than recording, he did release a well-crafted album called S.P.I.T. and has appeared on other recordings.
Visit MC Supernatural at

CKY - Featured: July ‘03, May ‘04 & August ‘05
Growing in popularity due to their unique rock riffs and their frenetic live shows, CKY has perpetuated their reputation for excellence with their unflinching commitment to their fans, faithfully dubbed The CKY Alliance. Aching to rehearse in front of a live audience, between worldwide tours, you might find them playing local venues under an alias only their true fans know.

Paul Oakenfold - Featured: June ‘06
One of the most well known Trance DJs and record producers of our time, Oakenfold has proven to be more than just a one trick pony, having collaborated on remixes for U2, Massive Attack, The Cure, Snoop Dogg and others. Accentuating his claim to fame, Oakenfold was one of the first DJs to incorporate Goa from the shores of India with Trance into a distinct sound which put him on the map. He is currently #1 on Billboard’s Top 200 Electronic chart.

The Used - Featured: February ‘07
The casual listener may carelessly lump The Used into the emo category, however any
one who has bothered to actually listen to a full album or check out a live show knows
these guys are rock ‘n’ roll personified; from their catchy songwriting to the raucous
and unfettered energy of their manic live shows to Bert McCracken screaming until
he vomits, everything about their music is raw, emotional and real.

Jurassic 5 - Featured: August ‘06
One of the few hip hop crews to simultaneously evoke the wonder of old school hip hop and attain massive crossover appeal (touring and performing outside of hip hop circles to reach a broader audience), J5 hopes to spread a positive message with their tag team vocal delivery, honest lyrics and infectious beats.Maybe not as commercially popular as a lot of the gangster rap out there but definitely some of the best hip hop So Cal has to offer.

Maynard James Keenan - Featured: November ‘07
Easily one of the busiest and most well-respected vocalists in modern rock, Maynard James Keenan has made a name for himself as the singer for legendary prog rock band tool, and then later the ambitious A Perfect Circle. Aside from making guest appearances on numerous albums for other notable artists (Rage Against the Machine, Deftones, Green Jelly, etc.), his new project, Puscifer, is an amazing effort that sounds nothing like his other two bands.
Maynard James Keenan at

Kottonmouth Kings - Featured: June ‘02, April ‘04 & June ‘06
With a career 13 albums strong that shows no signs of slowing down, KMK are one of the few (if not only) independent artists with an international underground fan base so devoted, the Kings can sell out a venue anywhere in the world. Oh and… they attained their iconic status with absolutely no major label backing. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!!

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Skinnie Magazine's Best of 2007

Skinnie Magazine's "Best of 2007"

Top 5 Books of ‘07
- Punk Rock Dad: No Rules, Just Real Life By: Jim Lindberg
- Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson Edited by: Corey Symour and Jann S.Wenner
- Street World: Urban Culture and Art from Five Continents By: Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon,Anthony Smyrski
- Slash By: Slash,Anthony Bozza
- Inside the mind of BTK: The True Story Behind the Thirty-Year Hunt for the Notorious Wichita Serial Killer By: John Douglas, Johnny Dodd

Top 5 Artists (tattoo, graffiti, paint, canvas, etc.) of ‘07
- Banksy
- Jermaine Rogers
- Alex Julian
- Deph
- Pinky Taylor

Top 5 Places to Shop
- Bev Mo
- DVD Planet
- Scream Shop
- Game Stop
- Wicked Chamber

Top 5 Hotels
- Ivy, San Diego -
- The Standard in Los Angeles -
- The Palms in Las Vegas -
- Hard Rock in Las Vegas -
- Atrium in Irvine -

Top 5 Tanning Salons
- Tan Naturelle in Los Angeles
- Bare Tan in Irvine
- Tanline in San Diego
- Platinum Tan in San Diego
- Fancy Tan Salon in Moreno Valley

Top 5 Tattoo Shops
- Hart & Huntington in Las Vegas, Miami, Honolulu, Cabo San Lucas
- Ink'd Chronicles in Pomona
- High Voltage in Los Angeles
- Guru Tattoo in San Diego
- Artistic Element in Yucaipa

Top 5 Restaurants
- Top of the World in Las Vegas -
- Jack’s La Jolla Dining Room in La Jolla -
- Silver's in Huntington Beach -
- Lucilles Bar-B-Q in Rancho Cucamonga - www.Lucille'
- Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles -

Top 5 Surf Spots

- Trestles
- Blacks
- Sunset Cliffs
- Rincon
- Newport Jetties

Top 5 Skate Parks
- Vans, The Block
- Encinitas YMCA
- Etnies
- Glendale
- Culver City

Top 5 MMA Schools

- Legends
- Millennia
- Team Quest
- Xtreme Couture
- City Boxing/Dean Lister

Top 5 MMA Supply Stores
- On The Mat
- Hit and Submit
- Focus Victory
- Fight Gear Outlet
- A 5th thing…

Top 5 Concert Venues
- House Of Blues in Anaheim - Visit HOB Of Anaheim
- Key Club in Hollywood -
- The Grove in Anaheim -
- The Avalon in Hollywood -
- The Glasshouse in Pomona -

Top 5 Hair/Nail Salons
- Gods and Heroes in Costa Mesa
- Escape Salon in Claremont
- Rust in Los Angeles
- Disconnected in San Diego
- Bathhouse in Las Vegas

Top 5 Nature Spots
- San Bernardino Mountains (pre-fire)
- Joshua Tree
- Pismo Beach
- Malibu Canyon (pre-fire)

Top 5 Wardrobe Malfunctions
- Britney Spears:
- New Years Eve Party
- Natalie Portman: Manhattan Cultural Center
- Beyonce Knowles: Tokyo Dome
- Scarlet Johansson: Some Party
- Jessica Simpson: Walking About Town

Top 5 Most Obscene Looking Buildings

- Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove
- Discover Center in Orange
- Oakley Building in Irvine
- Stratosphere in Las Vegas
- Scientology Center in Los Angeles

Top 5 Drink Recipes
- Beer Margaritas
1 can (12oz) frozen limeade, 12 oz tequila, 12 oz beer, 12 oz water, 1 lime, ice
- Jager Bomb
1 shot of Jagermeister dropped in a glass of Redbull (or any available energy drink).
- Adios Mother F*cker
1/2 oz vodka, 1/2 oz part gin, 1/2 oz rum, 1/2 oz part blue curacao, 1 splash sweet ‘n’ sour, 1 splash sprite
- Redbull and Vodka
Simple, easy, self-explanatory. If you can’t figure this one out we can’t help you.
- The Captain Robb
Guys: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Rockstar with a shot of Grenadine. Girls:Vanilla Vodka and Rockstar with a shot of Grenadine

Top 5 Ways to Sober Up/Cure a Hangover

- Bloody Mary
- Vitamin B & fiber pills (taken at the inception of the binge)
- Sleep it off
- Don’t Stop Drinking
-20oz Gatorade and Alkazelter Tablet combined. Drink the whole thing at once!

Top 5 Gift Ideas
- XBOX 360
- iPhone
- Skinnie Magazine Subscription
- Diamonds
- Herpes

Top 5 Worst Freeways/ Interchanges
- 15 all the way to Vegas
- 57/60 Interchange
- Any part of the 101 Freeway
- 60/91/215 Interchange

Top 5 Most Surprising Celebrity Deaths
-Anna Nicole Smith
-Chris Benoit
-Jerry Falwell
-Tammy Faye Messner
-Tom Snyder

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